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Posting by demand

A. Lopez asked 9 years ago
I think a "must-have" for SmartPost is the posibility to send to it a command to post batches, for example, at the end of a integration with SmartConnect it would be excelent to send a command or insert a record in a table alerting SmartPost to begin posting the batch that was created.

Or the is the solution build batches with only one transaction and configure SmartPost to post immediately?.
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago
At this time, Dexterity/Dynamics does not allow for executing the posting code outside of a Dynamics GP instance so we are not able to execute a process at the completion of an integration.  Is there a reason you need to have the batch posted immediately versus having Smart Post set to execute on a schedule and post that batch when it's available?

Certainly in your integration you could write a post map process to change the posting time of the desired Smart Post process by updating the SmartPost_ScheduleMaster table to set the next RunTime.  This is not something we've done but it seems like that should work.


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