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“posting a value”

Bryan Jones asked 9 years ago
I have a form that i want to complete and then at the end of the year make it so that the fields can no longer be edited or changed. I essence I want to "post" the widow similiar to a Great Plains window and not allow the form to be edited afterwards.

Is this possible and if so how would i accomplish this in extender?


Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
I think you could do something with this, but the exact way would be very specific to your requirements. If you are using 2013, you might just be able to use the Disable Fields option in the actions and put a condition on that. If that is too basic, you could do it with Extender Enterprise and the Actions. It would just have to be written for every field on the window and done based on the date criteria you need.
Bryan replied 9 years ago

Thank you! I was thinking I was not going to get a response on this… 🙂 we are using GP2010. are these options available in GP2010?

Nicole answered 9 years ago
In GP2010, you wouldn’t have the disable option, but you could do it with the Dexterity Scripting as long as you have Extender Enterprise.

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