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Populating (Originating Master ID) on a GL Transaction map overwrites the GL Reference from the JE to Payables Transaction when posting

Alyson Van Alstyne asked 8 years ago
The fields for
@I_vORMSTRID  (Originating Master ID)
@I_vORMSTRNM (Originating Master Name)
@I_vORCTRNUM or @I_vORDOCNUM (Originating Control Number or Originating Document Number)
are available in the GL Transaction node for adding the distributions, and the map will import all fields in the header and lines, but when posting if these fields are populated, the GL Header reference is changed to Payables Transaction.
Has anyone else noticed this, and is there any way to fix this. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 8 years ago
This is a question better answered in the GP forums since it really is a question of GP posting and not when the data is imported (because I would assume it is fine).
But I gave this a quick test and wasn’t able to repro this.  I confess I did cheat a little bit (well a lot) in that I posted a payables invoice in GP to the GL.
At that point since the GL entry is unposted, I could examine it in the UI as well as in SQL.
I notice that the originating fields are populated (like you) and the GL10000.REFRENCEis populated with “Payables Trx Entry”.
So from a data perspective, it would seem like data is populated as what we would expect. 
Then, since you are apparently setting the GL10000.REFRENCE to whatever you like, at that point I manually changed that field to “abcdefg”.
So this is essentially what you are doing.
Lastly, I posted the PMTRX batch that GP created and looked at the data in SQL.
In the GL20000.REFRENCE – it still says “abcdefg”.
Looking at the other fields in the GL20000, they all look the same as well.
Next I did the above again but I was thinking perhaps the issue was the SOURCEDOC in that if you brought it in as a journal it would no be PMTRX and instead be GJ for journal entry.  But there you’d that is the other way and if it was GJ then how would GP know it ever is trying to set it to PMTRX?
Anyway, tested that too and couldn’t repro either.
So, good question.
I guess I’d verify
  –That you have the ‘create journal’ “Reference” set to the reference you were expecting
  — After  you do your integration, verify in the GL10000.REFRENCE came in as you wanted.
If this is all ok in both cases and yet you still get your reference changes, then you’d have to investigate the stored procedure to see where that might happen.  or run a sql trace to see if you can see where this might be happening.
Lastly, since this is something that would be happening during gl posting from GP, try posting the question to the Microsoft Dynamics GP communities.

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