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Populate Detail Window from Distribution Window

chadbruels asked 10 years ago
I have a Detail Window attached to the Payables Transaction Entry window. It contains a GL Account and several amount fields on each line. Is it possible to default in the distribution account numbers and amounts from the Payables Distribution window when the detail window is opened the first time?
David replied 10 years ago


It would be possible, but you would need to be familar with eXtender logic and Dexterity scripting to do so. 

Essentially the script on the window open event would cycle through everything in the scrolling grid in the Distribution window and then copy the same information to the scrolling section fo the Detailed Window. 

If you don't have anyone on staff that is proficent in Dexterity, you could engage our Professional Services department to write this for you,  If you are interested in something like this, email and we can get your email to our manager of professional services. 

chadbruels replied 10 years ago

I am proficient with Dexterity but am trying to grasp how eXtender logic works. Are there any samples available that I could learn from?

The real issue I'm trying to wrap my head around are the very technical details of how this can be accomplished. Take writing the information to the eXtender detail window for example. With typical Dex scrolling windows, one populates a table with data and then calls a window fill statement for the scrolling window. How does that work for the eXtender window, I'm not sure I even have a name for its scrolling window or the table to pre-populate?

chadbruels replied 10 years ago

I've been experimenting with the logic scripting. I have a field on the detail window called Debit. I tried a write and a read/write parameter in the Execute Script window called DEBIT. I cannot set this parameter; I received "Can't set to a constant" with the following simple script. Note this is just a test and does not reflect the real goal I am attempting to achieve.

DEBIT = 'Purchases Amount' of window PM_Transaction_Entry of form PM_Transaction_Entry;

The Product selected is Microsoft Dynamics GP. Purchases Amount isn't a constant it is a field.

Is there any example documentation? Any instructional resource on how to reference and set fields in these windows and especially to create multiple lines in a detail window?

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