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Poor performance of Extender SQL views

Adrian Cooke asked 4 years ago
Hi. We use Extender extensively and have created smartlists based on SQL views created within Extender. We have found after a large data load into an Extender window that the associated SQL view now performs poorly.
Are there routines to ‘tidy up’ Extender data, or advice on tables that could be re-indexed for example ?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
Can’t see that looking at Extender data in Extender would have to do with performance of your SQL View.  The window isn’t using that view at all.
I don’t know what you’d do to “tidy up” your extender data – you either have the data or you don’t.
As for re-indexing tables, you could drop and recreate the indexes again if you wanted to (manually) however I don’t see that likely is going to matter.
You’d have to look at your smartlist to see – if you restrict on the extender data – then I can see the views not working so well because the data on the tables isn’t indexed.  But you could create some if you wish – that should help query performance if you are restricting on the data.

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