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PO Subtotal

rwahlert asked 8 years ago
I've built a map to import purchase orders.  On POs with multiple lines I'm getting an error stating that the subtoal does not match the line total.  I have checked and double checked the subtotal amount in mey data and it does equal the total of the line quantities and the unit cost.

Has anyone else sen this before and is able to reply with a solution?


Baron replied 8 years ago


I would set your destination to Dynamics GP- File and run the map so you are able to see the data in xml format. Maybe there is something going on in the background that you can't see or haven't picked up on in your original data.

Walt Herman answered 2 years ago
I am answering my own question. Mark A. I know you are out there, rejoice!!!LOL!
First thing I did was to run the SQL statement against the SmartConnect database which  eliminated the field being required.
UPDATE SmartConnect..[Field] SET Required = 0 WHERE Node = 'taPoHdr' AND TechnicalName = 'SUBTOTAL'

Step 2 was to mark the “Update if Exists” field to TRUE in the PO Header node.
End of story till it no longer is! LOL! Thanks…

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