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PO Receivings integration erroring out – PO Line number is required but adding line numbers gives another error.

Jae asked 2 years ago
I have an integration into GP that I’m trying to setup but is erroring out when I do not use a PO line number. This is a PO with the same item number multiple times but with different quantities. Without the PO Line Number, it errors out saying the item exists on more than one line.
When using PO line numbers(tried 1,2,3 and also the “ORD” numbers), Smartconnect errors out stating, “Error Number = 2053 Stored Procedure = taPopRcptLineInsert Error Description = Purchase Order Line Item does not exist Node Identifier Parameters: taPopRcptLineInsert”.
It then adds a bunch of other errors like vendorid does not match the PO, invalid PO Line number, Invalid item number, item number/vendor item number does not match.
I’m not sure how to get this to work correctly. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!
Anonymous answered 2 years ago
Hello Jae,
We looked at this in a case.  The underlying issue was the @I_vPOLNENUM value used.
If we look at the eConnect SDK:
taPopRcptLineInsert XML node. | Microsoft Docs
It just says “PO line number; must be unique per PO line” which isn’t as exact as we need.
Do they really mean “Line Number” which we see on the GP PO Entry UI? 1, 2, 3?
Or does it mean the underlying POP10110.ORD value?
As it turns out, they really mean the POP10110.ORD value of the PO line item which are typically of the value 16384, 32768, etc as we see in most every “line” table in GP that has a detail window for entry.
Once he switched the value to 32768 (which was the correct ORD value for the PO Line he was trying to receive), the receipt line was integrated properly.

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