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PO Receipt with Serial Number

Rod asked 10 years ago
When adding the "Assign serial number"  map to a PO receiving transactions, one of the required fields is "Receipt line number".  Since the receipt line number field in the POP10310 table is being created on the fly by the receipt upload, there is not way for me to tell SmartConnect what line number was assigned.  What am I supposed to put in the field?
Best Answer
lorren answered 10 years ago

Create a global variable that would store the line number.  Assign it a default number greater than 0.

In the restriction of the PO Receipt Line node, you would increment the value of the global variable.  Dynamics uses 16384 by default but you can choose any number that you would like.

In the Restriction script of the Receipt Header node, you would want to reset the global variable to 0 so it is reset for each new receipt.

Create a Calculated Field that just returns the value of the Global Variable and use that calculated field as the value for the line number in both the Receipt Line and Serial Number line.

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