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PO delete

Michelle asked 8 years ago

Attempting to delete a PO and receiving the error that the PO status is not NEW and cannot be deleted.  Confirmed in the tables that both the header and the line status is in fact NEW. 
Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

Which version of Dynamics GP are you currently using. The issue will be somewhere in the Microsoft eConnect code since you are only able to pass in a purchase order number.

I would contact Microsoft to see if there is a resolution. I am using GP 2013 and it am able to delete new purchase orders.

Michelle replied 8 years ago

Hi Lorren,<br /> <br /> Thanks for you reply. &nbsp;GP2010. &nbsp; &nbsp;There are numerous integrations going on with this client utilizing both econnect and Smartconnect as the entry point. &nbsp;They are converting the majority over to Smartconnect and in the past they had been utilizing straight econnect for entering POs. &nbsp;They had issues with the update part of their code and so their process was to delete the PO and send it back in as a new PO.  This was causing an issue as it wasnt fully deleting line items and they decided to transition this to Smartconnect.  

So the econnect node was working but it does not work at all with Smartconnect.

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