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PM integration fails for specific Vendors

Michelle asked 9 years ago
A muli-company payables management integration was created in the test environment and tested against all databases. The integration actually runs two maps, one to update and create vendors and then one to push the payables records in. It was slowly rolled out to live for use with specific databases. When one specific database was started to be used there was only one vendor and that record always failed. In testing the failure, the same file was run through the test environment and successfully integrated. Now, there are more vendor records and they all consistently fail for this one database but successfully integrate in the same database in the test environment.

I created a simple Payables integration with distributions to test if there were issues with the stored procedure and the records were created successfully. I restored a copy of the live database to the test environment and the records failed, I restored the test database back to the test environment and they ran succsessfully. After much ado, I re-ran my simple Payables integration (in the live database) but changed the vendor id to one where the records were consistently failing and it failed. It is throwing errors 349 and 700 – saying that an input variable contains a null value – taPMDistributionCreate.

When I utilize a different vendor id (one that had not been previously integrated) and all of the other information is the same, the record integrates successfully.

Now, I realized that upon the initial failure, when I tested the record in the test environment, I had to manually enter the vendor and had done the same for the few others that I had tested. But in live, all of the vendors were created via a Smartconnect Map

This Vendor map is also a muti-entity integration and is updating and inserting vendor records for all of the other databases without issue.

Any thoughts on what would be making these particular vendor ids that were integrated throw this errror in just this one database?
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Michelle answered 9 years ago
After a further discussion with the AP clerk, I was notified that actually SOME transactions were flowing into this database.  Armed with this knowledge, I was able to compare the vendors that failed to the vendors that were successful.  I noticed that all of the failed vendors were using a specific payment term and all of the successful had no payment term……

Once I removed the payment term, I was able to integrate to the vendors that had previously failed.  I took it a couple of steps further and selected a Vendor that also uses this payment term but would never be included with the integration—- and it failed.  I changed the payment term to a different selection and it succeeded.  Changed it back to the questionable payment term and it failed.

Since I am unable to view the stored proc and this table was not listed in the dependencies, I cannot answer why this is an issue, nor why this particular Payment Term ID is "BAD"….

I can now put this to bed…. I hope.
Jeanne replied 9 years ago

I am trying to do a “simple” PM integration with distributions for the first time with data from an excel sheet. I have run up against some questions. Would you be willing to share snapshots of your maps and a sample of how you laid out your data for import?

It would give me something that works to figure out what layout I need to make distributions work.


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