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PM Enter/Match Invoices

gregarican asked 10 years ago
Taken from an e-mail I sent to support earlier today…

There is a project I have been struggling with for a few years now, off and on, that I would like to finally get over the hurdle. In a nutshell we are looking to increase efficiency in terms of getting our retail stock processed through our systems.

Now here is the long story 🙂 that follows…

Our core POS/Inventory system is something other than the Dynamics product family, and usually stock gets entered into that system first. Then the billing process comes around into GP when invoices arrive from our vendor suppliers.

Part of this project involves getting all stock items into our systems initially through GP as the front-end, rather than the reverse. I currently can port in new POP documents using Integration Manager so that they can be auto-received as they arrive. The issue is that some of our product comes in without an associated POP document. This is usually cases of stock replenishment for consigned goods.

But I still need to process these items through GP as the front-end so that I have a “pot” of all of the received items. This pot will be pulled from daily to automatically create new stock items in our own POS/Inventory system. That is that automation piece that is the end game.

I have created several from-scratch programs using the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SDK in Visual Studio, where I have been able add my own custom forms that flow back and forth with existing GP forms and whatnot. But I’d like to shortcut the process a little and just use GP 2010 Extender to do a lot of the heavy lifting. That’s where I’d like a point in the right direction.

What I’d like to do is be able to pull items received without a PO in the Enter/Match Invoices screen. It seems as if a POP document reference is required when looking up items (see below). If I could hang something off this screen that would facilitate linking received items without a PO into the invoice entry screen then my automation would be tighter. Is this possible out of the box with Extender, or do I need to resort to creating something from-scratch using the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SDK again?
Nicole replied 10 years ago

From what I am reading, it appears that you are trying to receive against a PO that doesn't technically exist in Microsoft Dynamics GP, is that correct?

If this is the case, this isn't something that Extender will be able to help with.  GP requires the PO number to receive against in the windows and Extender isn't able to "override" this logic.

If we are misunderstanding what you need, please let us know.


Morton answered 4 weeks ago

PM Enter/Match Invoices is a crucial aspect of managing a company’s financial operations, allowing businesses to accurately track and process their expenses. This process involves recording and matching purchase orders, invoices, and receipts to ensure that they align with the correct payments. To streamline this process, companies can utilize various software solutions such as a cloud-based procurement and invoice management platform that simplifies the invoicing process while improving accuracy and efficiency. By utilizing software solutions like Zelyandritz, businesses can streamline their PM Enter/Match Invoices processes and better manage their finances.

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