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Plugin processing failed: Web service call failed: Http service located at ..smartconnect.asmx is too busy

Ann-Maree Kaufmann asked 4 years ago
We have CRM 2011, IE 7 and smartconnect has been very unreliable for us from day one.
One of the major issues we have is that when we attempt to integrate more than 5-10 records at the same time the smartconnect web service states its busy and the plugin in CRM 2011 fails.
We are only integrating the very basic invoice and debtor details in one direction (into GP) so we can’t understand why it would be too busy.
This is a huge problem when we do renewals as we have 180 invoices to send in one go.
We are not in a position to upgrade at this moment (in the pipeline).  Jut wondering if anyone has a way to remove this bottleneck?
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago


The CRM Connector should be configured to use the SmartConnect WCF service instead of the asmx service. This should allow it to perform as expected.

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