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Pipe Delimited Text

David Morinello asked 9 years ago

I am trying to import a Pipe-delimited text file with a csv. extension. Every time I try to build up a Schema.ini to support it, it keeps getting reset back to a messed up copy.                         [ImageNow2GP Test.csv]

Messed up Schema.ini
[ImageNow2GP Test.csv]
Col1=VendorID_DocNumbr_DocType_DocAmnt_DocDate_VADCDTRO_PYMTRMID_DUED Char Width 255
Col2=F2 Char Width 255
Col3=F3 Char Width 255


Clean hand-created Schema.ini
[ImageNow2GP Test.csv]
Col1=VendorID Char Width 15
Col2=DocNumbr Char Width 20
Col3=DocType Char Width 15
Col4=DocAmnt Char Width 21
Col5=DocDate Char Width 25
Col6=VADCDTRO Char Width 15
Col7=PYMTRMID Char Width 20
Col8=DUEDATE Char Width 25
Col9=PRCHAMNT Char Width 21
Col10=TRXDSCRN Char Width 30
Col11=TEN99AMNT Char Width 25
Col12=PORDNMBR Char Width 20
Col13=DSTSQNUM Char Width 4
Col14=CRDTAMNT Char Width 21
Col15=DEBITAMT Char Width 21
Col16=ACTNUMST Char Width 75
Col17=ACTDESCR Char Width 75
Col18=DISTTYPE Char Width 2
Col19=DISTREF Char Width 30
Col20=GROUPID Char Width 15
Col21=CODEID Char Width 15

A few rows from the Sample Pip-delimited csv file.
ALABAMA SOUTHER|569279|Invoice|200.00|10/30/2014|PRIMARY|Due Upon Receipt|10/30/2014|200.00|57398kdt|.00|||200|0.00|2100-20-100-00-000000|ACCTS PAY – SUBLEDGER|2||0|0
ALABAMA SOUTHER|569279|Invoice|200.00|10/30/2014|PRIMARY|Due Upon Receipt|10/30/2014|200.00|57398kdt|.00|||0.00|11.33|1610-15-000-00-000733|TEST PLATE ACCOUNT|6||PLATE|PR05

David Morinello replied 9 years ago

FYI, SmartConnect 2014 (Version

Best Answer
patrick answered 9 years ago
david, i’m on I had a problem initially when the file was on a shared drive with my vm. and then I put it local to the vm and didn’t have an issue. as long as you don’t go into the define window, I seemed to be ok on my testing. I also just used the 32 bit odbc admin and made a file DSN to the datasource. And then in SC I picked DSN and made a connection that way – that also worked for me.
David Morinello replied 9 years ago

I ended up talking the ImageNow people to change the data being sent to tab-delimited. Pipe-delimited just wasn't working. Thanks the tip, but hopefully eOne will fix/enhance this a bit.

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