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Phased Deployment

Jessie asked 4 years ago
I am curious whether all GP workstations must have SmartList Builder deployed to them at the same time.  I have 75 machines to install on so I would like to work in phases.  My plan is to deploy on the server and high priority workstations first then work my way through user workstations as I can.
Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago


Ideally all of your client machines should be on the same version of course.

But “maybe” you can get away with doing a phased approach. Again I say “maybe” because the deciding factor is if there is a data model change from your current version of SLB to the new version of SLB.

There haven’t been a lot of table changes in SLB – even between versions. So odds are you’ll be ok.

But if you “aren’t ok” and you are moving between a service pack what’ll happen is the new clients will work and the old ones will get table errors reading a table and so SLB won’t work for them. Smartlist itself should but the SLB smartlists wouldn’t.

You could read the download release notes for your version of SLB and take a look at any changes between you current version and the version you are going to install.

If there are just bug fixes (XXXX report shows incorrectly) you are probably ok.

But if you see new features then that might cause issues with an older SLB client.

Jessie replied 4 years ago

Thank you fr the response Patrick!
This is not an upgrade, we just purchased SmartList Builder so this is a fresh installation in our environment.
Does that change anything?
Thank you!

Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Ah, even better.

So 100% no worries about this then.

The ones that have SLB installed on them (and then of course permissions for the end users using them) will work fine.

For the machines that don’t have SLB installed yet, they won’t see any custom SLB smartlists at all (SmartList itself will hide them) and so they can’t see or run anything in SmartList builder due to that.

But it won’t _hurt_ anything either otherwise by not having SLB installed on some machines until you get to it.

Jessie replied 4 years ago

Fabulous, thank you Patrick.

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