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Permissions Required to Configure SmartPost?

Andrew Shaffer asked 5 years ago
     Just a quick question – do I need to be logged in to GP as ‘sa’ in order to see the SmartPost menu under “Microsoft Dynamics GP” -> Tools?  If not, what sort of permissions does my user need?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Like any 3rd party application in GP, users are denied access to windows they haven’t been granted to security to. There aren’t any built-in roles/task in SmartPost for this (since there are only a few windows).
So you would have to create a new Task for the SmartPost Windows to grant access to the Routines or Posting window. Then assign that task to a role or make a new role in GP for it as well and assign it to the user and then the menus you’ve granted access to would be visible for the user.

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