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Permissions for Excel “Push Integration”

johnellis asked 11 years ago
This SmartConnect 2011 user is receiving the following error message, upon clicking on the SmartConnect Add-In button in Excel 2010: SmartConnect Webservice: You do not have access to the connectors required for this map. This user is a SmartConnect admin in security. Also, the services for both the SmartConnect Windows service and eConnect are started and configured on his machine. As far as I can tell, the necessary setups are in place including references to the GP connector and, again, security to the connector. Too, the SmartConnect web site is configured on their IIS box and this user is able to successfully access this URL on his machine. I don’t know what else to look at. What’s the remedy? Thanks! John
Martin answered 11 years ago
John – In user security within SmartConnect – make sure that the user has permission access to the connectors you are using on the map.
johnellis replied 11 years ago

Hi Martin:

I had the client do this, just now. (They were busy and did not have a chance to do this, until now.)

Unfortunately, granting access to the GP connectors did not fix this. The user is a SmartConnect admin, anyway.

So, I don’t understand why this is happening. This is strange.


johnellis replied 11 years ago

Hi Again:

I just got the answer, from eOne Support. The domain user that runs the web service, dubbed “econnect” at this client, needed to be created inside of the SmartConnect Security window and done so as a SmartConnect Admin.

That user was not in SmartConnect security. I wasn’t aware that that needed to be done.

Also, this user did not have his map set with an “ODBC Connection” data source. Instead, he had it set up as “Microsoft Excel 2010”.

Thanks, so much! You guys at eOne are great!


Jamie replied 11 years ago

No problem John. Glad you got that working.


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