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Payroll Employee Calculated

Tony asked 2 years ago
Hi there,
In the window, ‘Payroll Employee Calculated’ I am looking for the Advanced Outstanding field. Where can I find this?
Patrick Roth Staff replied 2 years ago

I just have the out of the box GP Payroll module loaded and I don’t have that window.
It could be from an Advanced Payroll or another 3rd party ISV that I don’t have loaded so I can’t tell you which table to find it. You could ask the owner (Microsoft or other ISV) of that window which table to find the data in.

You might be able to use the Table Finder from SLB to find this field – but it can only tell you the tables that are linked to the window and doesn’t know where to find a specific field on the window. So that would possibly require a bit of digging into the tables that SLB Table Finder shows you.

But that is worth a try.

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