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Payables Transactions with two AA dimensions and VAT

Barry Franklin asked 8 years ago
I need to create a excel 2010 map to upload payables invoices into GP 2014.
We have two AA dimension one for Broker and one for Department that have to be included on the upload.  As we are a UK company we also have to include a VAT element as well.
Is anyone able to advise or have an existing map that would suit our requirements.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 8 years ago
Barry, I know that we don’t have a specific example that includes AA and VAT. We do have a sample file and map that has distributions.  
The difference when include AA is that you have to have a row EACH AA distribution so it may mean the entire header and distribution data is duplicated except for the AA dimension code and amount. I do not know how the VAT portion is entered into Dynamics GP, so it is something you would include as part of the distribution line or if it is a tax line then additional rows need to be included as part of your data source.
Here is a KB article that discusses the process of mapping transactions with AA.

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