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Payables transaction

Jim asked 8 years ago

Trying to use SmartConnect to import payable transactions.  I have all needed info in spreadsheet.

If I just use the "Create Payables Tranaction", The data goes into GP just fine except the purchase account is getting defaulted to the same account.  If I use "Add Distribution", I get two purchasing accounts (one correct and one the default) and the correct pay account with double the amount of the invoice.


 Thanks for any insight provided.
Best Answer
Jim answered 8 years ago
Found another post relating to SOP distributions that mentioned the "create distributions" field in the "Create Transaction" node.  Said to set that field to FALSE (0).

I did that and it fixed my issues.
karim Elmansoub replied 7 years ago

Hi Jim, I am facing the same issue but if I gave it 0 default value it will effect on the credite amount as it should come by default also…. can you help me please or explain more

Erica Howlett answered 7 years ago
same issue – if anyone can reply with their solution – greatly appreciated.   
i have tried – for create distributions, and it loses the payable account…   how to get around this ?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
If you set the Create Distributions to false, then you need to provide ALL of the distributions for that transaction. With Microsoft eConnect, they will either default all distributions or none. Meaning the source file contains all of the distributions or none of them.
Here is a tech tuesday article that explains how to create an integration for providing the distributions.

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