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Payables Transaction Entry Distribution

Chris asked 3 years ago
Hello All,
I built a map to import payable transactions. Everything imports, but the accounts amounts are all off. I followed the advice in this link.
The advice of adding 0 in the Create¬†Distributions fixed my account amount problem, but now our default payables account isn’t being pulled in.
Any one know what I am missing?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
Well, the easiest solution is to NOT provide distributions as eConnect will create the default ones correctly for you.
But you might say “I need THIS PURCH distribution” then you get yourself into the situation you see now.
However as I point out in this article:
You are then responsible for all distributions of the document.
The above blog gives a way to resolve this.
Chris answered 3 years ago
Thanks Patrick. That worked perfectly.

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