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Payables Import with everything – except Tax GL Distribution accounts

Lewis asked 5 years ago
I’ve created a Payable s import that includes the Tax detail.  The import is successful, except the GL distribution line is not added to the Distributions window.  so the transaction is out of balance by the tax amount. 
In the “Add tax detail” I’ve added the “Tax detail purchases” Amount, and the amount shows in the GP tax detail window after importing.  I’ve also changed the order of the mapping detail, thinking it is because the order needs to be set.  Still no GL Distributions information for the taxes…
What am I missing? 
Lewis answered 5 years ago
I’ll take a stab at answering my own question…
To add the Tax Amounts to the line distribution in AP, would I need to create an “offset Node”.  I tested this approach and it does solve my problem, is this best practice?

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