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Payables duplicating amount

Reggie asked 9 years ago
I'm fairly new to Smart Connect and have been putting together a simple payables transaction import.  I've been able to get the import to process without any errors but when I view the transaction in GP it has been doubling the payables amount and inventory amount in the distribution.  My current distribution has three accounts, payables, inventory, and discounts.  Does anyone seem to know what might be causing this?

Thanks for your help.

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
There is a parameter in the header node for payables that determines whether or not eConnect will automatically calculates distributions. You can find the needed values in the eConnect schema reference or looking through the node itself.

I believe it defaults to 1 if you don't map anything to it, which has eConnect create the distributions. And since you also provide them in the other node you have mapped, they end up doubling up.

Reggie answered 9 years ago
Thanks for your help.  It looks like the colum setting in the "Create Payables Transactions" needed to have the column labeled "Create Distributions" set to 0.  This did the trick.  I appreciate your help on this.

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