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Payables Distribution

Joyce VanJura asked 7 years ago
How do you override the Account Card setting \”Allow Account Entry\” set to No when bringing in an AP transaction with distributions?� I\’m having our vendor include both levels DistType 6 and DistType 2 for a transaction but since our AP Control account is locked down, SmartConnect is getting an error that Account does not allow account entry.�
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
That setting is contained in the business logic of Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect which we do not have access to modify. A workaround would be to use a pre-map SQL command to update the account master table to Allow Account Entry and then set the value back when the process is complete with a post-map SQL command. Another workaround would be to use the taPMDistributionInsertPre to set the specific account setting in the GL Account Master and the taPMDistributionInsertPost to set the value back
Joyce VanJura replied 7 years ago

Does anyone have a template or an example of the SQL they’ve used to accomplish this? I heard so many great things about SmartConnect and now that I’m diving into it, I’m not finding it user friendly. I guess over time I’ll get more used to it but now with this issue of the AP GL account not being defaulted on a AP transaction via eConnect, I may go back to relying on Integration Manager.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago


You don’t give examples of how SmartConnect is being unfriendly – I’ll assume you mean this issue?

While you are certainly free to use the tool of your choice, I don’t see how IM would resolve this specific issue.
In the case of PM distributions, since IM is going through the UI – IM/GP is going to give you the same error in that it won’t let you enter that account number.

I don’t believe that IM has an eConnect PM destination (like it does with POP) and so you don’t get the eConnect validation error like you are with SC – but you would get it from the GP UI. Just the same as if you typed it in manually (which is what IM does with standard adapter).

But at least SC would give you the ability to write the a script to temporarily change this setting. At this moment, we don’t have a script to do what you are looking for – it would have to be written from scratch.

If you find things in SmartConnect that aren’t user friendly or features you would like to add/change, you can enter them in the product suggestion forums here:

Joyce VanJura replied 7 years ago

That is not true with Integration Manager. It does default to the AP Payables account and allow you to import the expense account.

I’m sorry for my rant but I’ve got major pressure on getting this upload automated and everyone recommended SmartConnect. I know SQL and have programmed in the past but simple things like having the system default to the next voucher number should already be part of the out-of-the box system. It shouldn’t have to be created as a calculated field. I know I need to give SmartConnect a chance but I am having no luck finding any help online yet can find all kinds of IM examples to help work through issues. I don’t want to have to keep contacting our partner to help figure this out.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago


“That is not true with Integration Manager. It does default to the AP Payables account and allow you to import the expense account.”

Ah, I didn’t consider that aspect. However the difference is that that you _still_ didn’t enter in the AP account – it defaulted in. You just entered the other distribution.

From a SmartConnect/eConnect perspective, it could also default the distributions for you. But the difference is that eConnect (not SmartConnect) doesn’t have the option for “default non imported” that the IM standard adapter does.

So yes the problem then is the difference in toolset in that eConnect is an all or nothing when it comes to distributions.

You provide them all or else you let it default them for you.

From a SmartConnect perspective, you can still do this using the similar approach that I used in this blog article for SOP distributions.

So you would change your map to default the distributions in and then for the one that you need to be a specific account, you would just “fix” that distribution record. Again assuming it is only the one distribution that needs “fixing”.


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