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Payables AA Distributions fail when account matches

cbruels asked 10 years ago

I'm trying to create a Payables transaction, create its distributions, and create its analytics distributions. The portion that does not work correctly is the AA data, but only when the distribution account is the same.

I've create a google document whose link is shared below so you can understand my source data. The first line's AA comes in fine (the $1197.57 debit). The next two distribution lines have the same account and this is where it errors. The AA distribution associated with the $259.87 debit is created but without the ACQUISITION AA code. The next row, debit $141.22, is then correct again with the ACQUISITION code included. I have tried using the "GL distribution sequence number" column in the SC mapping in many ways. This field is described in Microsoft's eConnect documentation as

"The GL distribution sequence number. If you have duplicate accounts in a transaction, associate them using sequence number values."

I've set it to the Line Number column to no avail. I have also created another sequence number column called AA Line and played with that being unique for each row and being grouped for the AA rows in different ways ([1,1,2] vs [1,2,3] vs [1,2,2] etc). I've tried all this with no grouping at the Analytics Distribution level and with grouping on various fields. Every attempt yields exactly the same result. The transaction is correct, it's distributions are correct, it has 3 AA distributions where the first and last are complete and the middle is missing the AA code. Your time is greatly appreciated.

Best Answer
cbruels answered 10 years ago
I was informed by eOne Support that you must have the same line sequence number mapped to the line sequence of the Payables Distribution step as well as the GL distribution sequence number field in the Analytics Distribution step. Referencing my data, I used the Line Number field for both sequence fields in each step. At the same time, unmap the account number field in the Analytics Distribution. This unmapping instruction seemed counter-intuitive to me at first, yet it worked.

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