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Parameter length error

Darin Morgan asked 6 years ago
I just installed SmartView 2013 on an existing Dynamics GP install with SmartList Builder and KEY2ACT Signature.On initial launch of SmartView I get the following error:
Index and length must refer to a location within the string. 
Parameter name: length
When I click OK SmartView launches, but none of my previously created SmartLists are visible, only the default GP SmartLists are available.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

SmartView Internal or External?
SV is trying to parse a string and it is probably empty. We just don’t know what string.

If you are using SmartView internal and you only see out of the box GP smartlists either:

1. you don’t have SLB loaded on this machine
2. you don’t have the KEY2ACT loaded in GP. Or at least you aren’t using the product id in the dynamics.set file that the SLB/SmartView is expecting in the smartlist.

If using SV External, it could be this:

Although the blog article suggests we’d see the product id and not the name – but the smartlists would work just fine. Possibly on your version it just fails entirely with the error (which makes some sense given your initial “opening sv” window.

Darin Morgan replied 6 years ago

SmartList Builder is installed on the server and KEY2ACT Signature is loaded and working.
This error is being observed on the server itself, not an external client.
I am logged on as sa.
I have run SLB Maintenance Refresh Lists, Refresh Cache and Create Views but no change.
All of the KEY2ACT Service Management SmartLists are still visible and functioning in SmartList and they can be opened and edited in SLB.

Alex Price replied 6 years ago

Not sure if you got this one resolved but I had the same issue with SmartView 2015 after an upgrade from 2010. After a little interrogation it turned out to be a record with a blank SmartList_ID in the SV90000 and the SLB10000. I removed the records and it cleared the error.

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