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PA – Update Existing on GP Contracts

Lyndy asked 7 years ago
I ran across this thread on the Forum:
I have the same question two years later.  I do see the Update Existing checkbox on (1) Create Contract (2) Create Project and (3) Add Project Budget.  However, when I attempt to import into the Node Type of Contracts, I get a message that this is a duplicate contract.  Is it not possible to update existing contracts in GP using SmartConnect?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
As per the answer in the forum you quote, the business logic to update existing data is defined by eConnect and not specifically SmartConnect. If Microsoft did not write the logic to update an existing record by setting the Update If Exists parameter then setting the flag in SmartConnect has no affect.
I looked at 2015 eConnect and Microsoft has not added that functionality to those two nodes.
Lyndy replied 7 years ago

Thank you for the update Lorren and for checking that the functionality did not change in the latest release. When you encounter situations like this where you want the software to behave differently than eConnect allows, can you program around it? If so, what does that programming look like? SQL scripts? Some type of programming language? And where would this take place? In SmartConnect?

Just trying to figure out options and make this more concrete. Thoughts? Thank you!

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