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PA contracts – Set up accounts

Florence asked 8 years ago
Hi folks,

I've been trying to set up the "Accounts" in the Project Maintenance window using SmartConnect.

What I'm doing is a "Create contract" followed by "Create Project" and "Add budget". This part is working pretty good and really easy to troubleshoot.
But I need to setup the "Accounts" in my project. So I bet I have to use the "Set up accounts" map? If yes, can someone give me an example how it does work? Because I have hard time figure out what "source file" is and the documentation doesn't mention it.

Thanks for your help!
Best Answer
Chris answered 8 years ago
We don't have a specific example for that map but there are a couple ways I use to determine what the source file should look like if I'm working with a node/map that I'm unfamiliar with.

One method is to go to the corresponding GP screen(s) and just start by copying out the required fields from that window plus any others you know you'll need into the file as headers to get a basic structure. 

The other method is similar, but I do it through the map in SmartConnect. I'll setup just a random data source and pick that node in the destination to open, and copy the parameters/fiields out to my actual source file that are either required or a value I know I'll want to provide.

Then I'll enter some sample data in the file and map the fields in my real map and just re-run and continue to modify it until I get the results I want.

Florence replied 8 years ago


In fact, I did exactly as you said and tried to figure out what were the fields I needed. After couple attempt, using error given by SmartConnect, I managed to make it works.This is probably the best way to go. But the GP SDK doc helped alot about the format of datas especially those fields using index! I recommend using it while working with SC. It helps alot for understanding of required fields and what to do with them!

So, I've solved my problem. I'm just running another map for accounts (Run map). My only concern remaining is about the global variables that don't pass from a map to another. I opened another thread because I had a major bug with it (which is solved according to Kevin's reply). So I'll get back there.

Thanks for your help! That SmartConnect is not easy to handle at first but after a certain amount of time, we start to get comfortable with it! 😉


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