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PA Billing Note Employee Expense

Tanya asked 5 years ago
I know you can do this with a timesheet, but it doesn’t seem to work with Employee Expenses?  Is it possible?

PA Billing note not available in SmartConnect
By Kevin, Senior Application DeveloperThursday, December 8, 2011



When bringing in a Project Accounting Timesheet, the PA Billing Note does not show up to be mapped to.
You can add that field as an additional item. 
1. Go to Tools – SmartConnect – Node Maintenance 
2. Select the timesheet node type from the lookup 
3. Select line item and hit edit node 
4. Add a line to the bottom with the following Parameter=PAtx500 Display Name=Billing Note Type=String 
5. Click Save and OK to exit all the windows.
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
SmartConnect can only connect to existing eConnect nodes. In the example Kevin referenced there is a field in eConnect that SmartConnect does not have available for mapping out of the box. If you add it to Node Maintenance with the same name as eConnect has, it will work.
In the below eConnect schema we can see that there isn’t an element with that name.
Instead, you can map the value to a user defined field, or you can use a post document SQL task to insert the value directly into the GP table.
Tech Tuesday: SQL Task Example – SmartConnect

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