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Overwriting an Existing SmartList Builder Object Using Import

Charles asked 3 years ago
If you import an XML file from another system then get an updated XML file, is there a way to overwrite the existing SmartList? 
I created a SmartList using SLB and sent it to a client. She imported it without an issue. I then modified the SmartList on my system and sent a new XML file to the client. When she tries to import the file, she gets a message the item already exists. Is there a way to overwrite a report or do you need to delete and import? 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
There isn’t currently a way to “update” an existing SmartList.
You would have to delete it and re-import.  Or else on your end duplicate that SmartList and give it a different ID before they would be able to import it into their system.  it would, of course, then be a separate smartlist at that point which you probably wouldn’t desire.

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