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Override Default acct Distributions – Payables batch entry

Jsausser asked 10 years ago
I've created a mapping that creates a batch of payables transactions. The map runs successfully, but when I checked the transactions, I noticed that the default distributions to Accounts Payable and "default purchasing" expense account are being added in addition to my distributions from my map. It looks like this:

Purchase account 1(From my map): 500
Accounts Payable : 1000
Purchase account 2 (Default): 500

The total for the transaction should be 500. 

Any idea on how to override the default distributions? 
Mick Egan replied 10 years ago

Normally I add some scripts to the taPMTransactionInsertPost.sql procedure to update the distributions to correct any issues.

At least the distributions get added, and it is just a matter of updating.

See the eConnect Custom Procedures in the Microsoft Dynamics eConnect folder.

jsausser replied 10 years ago

Thanks, Mick. I'll give that a shot. 

Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
The post procedures definitely work, another way you could do it is with either sql or scripting tasks in the document success location of the map.

That would accomplish the same thing but everything would be inside the map if you want to keep the logic all in one spot. You also don't need to worry about Microsoft eConnect updates wiping out your pre and post nodes.

jsausser replied 10 years ago

Thanks, Chris. I think this is the route I'm going to take. I'd like the map to be easy to execute by a non-programmer, who may not have access to the post procedures. 

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