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originating cost for purchase orders

Jeanenne Turpin asked 8 years ago
I am creating a map for purchase orders and need to import functional currency (Canadian) and originating currency (US). I don’t see an option on the PO Lines for originating currency. Can someone help? Maybe I have just overlooked it.
patrick answered 8 years ago
In SmartConnect it is called “Currency ID” and not “Originating Currency ID”.  It is towards the bottom of the ‘add line item’ mapping or easily found if you sort by Name.
Jeanenne Turpin replied 8 years ago

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t very clear. I am looking for an originating current amount, not currency id. So in the POP10110 table there are 2 different amounts; UNITCOST and ORUNTCST. I don’t see ORUNTCST in the PO node.

Jeanenne Turpin replied 8 years ago

Sorry, meant originating currency amount, not current amount.

patrick replied 8 years ago

The amount fields are the originating amounts (mc or functional depending on the currency id passed). eConnect then calculates the functional amount from the amounts passed in.

Jeanenne Turpin answered 8 years ago
It looks like the problem is that the exchange rate is not being populated in the POP10110 table (PO Lines) so it cannot calculate the functional currency.

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