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"Or" Restriction

Merri Gorrell asked 3 years ago
Hello Everyone;
I would like to be able to add an “or” restriction to a new Smartlist in SmartList Builder.  Specifically, I would like to hard-code in where Sales Transaction Work.SOP Type = Back Order or Sales Transaction Amounts Work.Qty to Back Order > 0.  That way it will return both back orders as well as orders with a quantity to back order amount, but it would free-up the remaining four restrictions to the user for use in filtering by date, by item, by batch, etc.  Is an “Or” possible in SmartList Builder, or is the only option to use the “Match 1 or more” search type in the SmartList “Search” screen?  Unfortunately, that would prevent the user from being able to search on anything else.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 3 years ago
I am not sure which build of SmartList Builder you are using, but we added a feature to select “And” / “Or” for your restrictions in build 16.00.0014.  So this would be a feature in 2016 as long as you are on that version or later as well as any build of 2018 or 2018.02.
You will find the feature in the upper right corner of the restriction window in SmartList Builder.  You can refer to the section in the manual for more information.

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