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Opposite of Error List? Sucess List

David asked 8 years ago
Is there an easy way I am missing to add a list of successful rows to the body of an email? Not the "error" list, but a Success List. I am moving GL Acounts from one company to another and want to email the list of GL Accounts in the body of the email. I don't think the global variables can handle it.
Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

This isn't something that SmartConnect does out of the box.

You would need to save the data to a SQL Table using a Task on Document Success using a SQL Command or saving it to a file using .NET Script task.

Then you would need a Post Map Script task that would use .NET code to send an email with that successful data.
David replied 8 years ago

Thank you for the response. This request is coming up quite a bit. Maybe you could add it to your future feature list? Either to add inline or as an attachment in the currect email Task?

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