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Open Operation on Table ASI_ListView_datatype failed error

Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj asked 5 years ago
I have created a Smartlist report using Project Accounting and Extender tables. User is getting the error “Open Operation on Table ASI_ListView_datatype failed because the path does not exist.”, when tried to run the report. GP is being accessed from Terminal Server session. We have exempted TNT*.* files based on one of the Blog post, but still getting the error sporadically. 
Is smartlist storing any temp files or accessing any temp tables in temp folder? What is causing this issue. Please help!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
That file – ASI_ListView_DataType is the ASIEXP93 table and is a SmartList table (not SLB).
SLB itself doesn’t refer to this table directly that I can find.
From what I see, the table is used to store datatypes of the executing smartlist (either built-in smarlists or 3rd party) and is used/accessed when the rows of data are being filled.
So I don’t see that this should only specifically happen when running a particular smartlist.  And once broken, I wouldn’t think ANY smartlists would display.
This table is a “Memory” table in Dexterity which uses to actually be stored in memory until about GP 10 or maybe 2010.  After that, they were switched to actual files again.
As a “memory” file, they are stored in the users %temp% folder under:
Using the old Faircom Ctree format (ie dat & idx) that the old timers might remember (me included).
If you have trouble writing to the folder (or perhaps the hard drive is going bad?) then you’d get an error like this.
Or what I’ve seen in the past is that one of the files – either .dat or .idx – gets deleted and then Dexterity would throw the “path does not exist” error you are seeing.
It is possible that SmartList deletes the table after you close smartlist and if only 1 of the 2 files gets removed (say by antivirus holding on to it too long) then when you reopen the smartlist and the file gets accessed/recreated then you’d get this error.
So something to look at.  But wouldn’t be a “SLB issue” specifically.
Jothikrishnan Narasimmaraj replied 5 years ago

Hi Pat,

Thank you very much for your insight and greatly appreciate your help! It really helps.


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