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Only first char being shown for a Short String value

karetess asked 9 years ago
I have an Extender Enterprise Window (Window type) with a Short String field.  The value can be typed in, but after leaving the field it only displays the first character.  If you click back on the field, the value appears again.  When the window is opened, it only shows the first character.  The underlying table is EXT00101and field is STRGA255 (char(255) not null).

We're not on 2013 yet, at GP 2010.

I could not find any articles or prior posts on this.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
The short strings only displaying the first character is a known issue if you are using any of the formatting options such as mask or changing the number of characters you can use in the short string. This is fixed in Extender for GP 2013. The data will be stored, it is truly a display issue in the window.
karetess replied 9 years ago

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the reply.  I'm not using any formatting for the short string — it's using the defaults.  We can't upgrade to 2013 until we upgrade to GP 2013, at least a year away.  Any possibility of getting a fix for this for 2010 version?

Nicole answered 9 years ago
I will see what we can do. I cannot say for sure about getting it fixed on 2010, but will try. What build of Extender 2010 are you currently on? I may have to do some testing, but I thought the one character display was fixed unless you were using the formatting. I will check that out as well though.
karetess replied 9 years ago

We're at version 11.0.36
Dexterity 11.00.0354.0000

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