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ODBC textfile connection skipping fields

Chris asked 4 years ago
I’m working with a simple comma and quote separated file and seemingly randomly (but the same thing happens consistently in a given file) a field is skipped. In the row below, the field with “DR” comes in blank.  It shows that way in the preview too (select * from file.csv).  I looked at the file in a hex editor an there are no odd characters hiding in the file.  Heard of this problem?  Any idea what could be going wrong?
“SB”,”1234567890123456″,””,””,””,”T0007″,2019/05/20 13:35:20 -0400,2019/05/20 13:35:20 -0400,”CR”,1100,”USD”,”DR”,23,”USD”,””,”938747027430″,””,””,””,,,
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

I would guess that your schema.ini is wrong.
go into the create schema window and make sure the column for that “DR” field is set to Char 255 and not anything else like date, int, etc.

Chris replied 4 years ago

That was it. Thank you.

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