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ODBC Datasource and Map Pre Tasks

Bob asked 2 years ago

I am importing a text file named at  c:\files\Customers.txt. The map runs fine. However, I’ve created a Map Pre-task script to replace the file before running. What I’m finding is that the map imports the old data in customers.txt and not the new file. After the map runs I can see that the file was replaced by the Map Pre tasks. The Pre tasks seems to be happening after the map runs. Is that possible? 

Patrick Roth Staff replied 2 years ago

I wouldn’t expect this to happen.

I’ve done this exact same type of thing when using a Folder Data Source using text files as well as multi-data source maps that were using ODBC Queries against text files and that worked fine.

But I guess I haven’t tried just using the “Text File” source set to one text file to see if that acted differently.

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