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ODBC Custom Excel Connection – Additional Fileds

Julie asked 5 years ago
I am having an issue with an Excel sheet.  There is no “key” on this sheet, but each row should be unique in its field combination.
Therefore, I’m forced to add each field as part of the “Key Fields”
To get around the Excel blank rows issue, I am using the ODBC Custom Connection and specifying in my where clause: where the firstfield<>” and secondfield<>”.  This is working great.  Problem is, it is totally ok to have a blank value in any of the columns (just cannot have blank in all columns).
Since SC requires me to have a key and all columns are part of the key, it is giving me issues when one of the columns are blank.  I was trying to form a case/iif as part of the query so that instead of it being blank, I could assign some junk character.  Later when I insert into my DB using the SQL Sproc, I can remove the junk character and put in a blank.
Is this possible?  How can I get around this blank issue?

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