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ODBC Connection – too few parameters

BethZK asked 9 years ago
I am trying to use an ODBC connection to map GL transactions from a tab delimited file.

I've used a script that we have currently working on another map and re-used it for this new map and for some reason I am getting an error "too few parameters"  Here is the script below – the file has 7 columns-but for some reason the system does not seem to pick them up – I get an error that 7 parameters are expected.  
,LEFT(Transaction_Date,2) + '/' + MID(Transaction_Date,3,2) + '/' + RIGHT(Transaction_Date,2) as Trx_Date
,SWITCH( Dist_Amount>=0, Dist_Amount, TRUE, 0) as Debit_Amt
,SWITCH( Dist_Amount>=0, 0, TRUE, ABS(Dist_Amount) ) as Credit_Amt

Best Answer
BethZK answered 9 years ago
I figured this out.

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