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ODBC connection to Text file error

Kitty Geiger asked 6 years ago
I’m following these instructions  but when I go to click OK on the Define Text format window I receive a message: Failed to Save table attributes of (null) into (null)  
my file has 1 row of data. The data file has worked as a data source in a different map.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
That error is normal.  Or at least, it doesn’t hurt anything.
Not sure if its a bug in our code that calls the window or what but everyone gets this error closing the Define Format window.  It doesn’t hurt anything and the schema.ini will be fine.
Tracy Jo Dance replied 5 years ago

I followed this as was able to walk through the steps

After defining the format, removing columns – I hit OK and received this error message:

Failed to Save table attributes of (null) into (null)

and am unable to finish creating the map as the ODBC text setup window does not contain my data source.

The query window of the map is not populated.

error: Please enter all fields for the datasource.

How do I complete this map?

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