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ODBC Connect: timeout exceeded

Christian asked 6 years ago
we are evaluating the SmartConnect for us to use it in a just started project. To evaluated it, we want to get it runnnig to test some cases we need for the project.

We stucked when the first screen with connection data (server, username, password …) is entered and next is pressed. The errormessage “ODBC Connect: timeout exceeded”. Maybe you can help us with this?

We downloaded the actual Version from your website (SmartConnect 2016 ( and started the setup. 
Can you help us with this topic? 
Best Regards
Lorren Zemke Staff replied 6 years ago

Christian, what type of ODBC connection are you trying to make? What is your query trying to do?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago


If you go to the Admin Control Panel and open the 32bit ODBC, try to make a new User DSN to the server using the same SQL Server, User & Password. Use the “SQL Server” ODBC Driver – not the Native Client ones as the SC Install uses SQL Server driver only.

Does this work or same error?

Dan Saffo replied 5 years ago

Hello, I am running into the same issue during the SmartPost installation. Did you get this resolved?

Dan Ellis replied 5 years ago

Same error on an Windows 2008R2 machine with GP 2015 R2 and SmartPost 2015 1.2. Error occurs during the “executing sql scripts” step of the installation. Was using an DNS alias for the SQL server name, as we use them in ODBC connections so we can migrate databases without having to recreate/rewrite connections. When I removed the alias and used the actual name of the server, the installation completed.

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