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Object Reference not set to an instance of an object

Mander asked 9 years ago
I edited a stored proceedure to add another field and the SmartConnect map that goes with it, but now I'm getting the following error.

Error Processing Tenant SQL Server: Dynamics Database: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object 

Anyone know what this means?  

Lorren replied 9 years ago

The stored procedure is your destination or your source? replied 9 years ago

Was there any solution/resolution for this error?  I am getting it on my scheduled maps.  Works fine if I run manually.

kevin replied 9 years ago

Usually when something runs fine through the UI, but fails when scheduled it has something to do with security.

Often when using either ODBC to read data via a MSSQL stored procedure, or updating data through a MSSQL stored procedure the issue is because the user credentials calling the stored procedure have been set to integrated security.

Check that the user that is running the eOne SmartConnect windows service has access to the applicable stored procedure (both data source or destination)

There was also an issue (fixed in 2013 SP1 hot fix) where restrictions applied to a stored procedure destination also sometimes resulted in this error)


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