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Numeric field not automatically summing when added to smartview

Jim asked 2 years ago
Normally when a numeric field is added to a smartview query it is automatically summed in the summary row.  We have a smartlist builder item based on a view that calculates some custom aging amounts.  In the view these amounts are set as numeric data types.  But when the items are added in smartview there is nothing in the summary row.  I can manually add summary values for each column by right-clicking in the summary row, but that’s not normally needed.  We’re on version 18.0.6 of smartview, with GP 2018 R2.  Any suggestions?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
I don’t know the details of your calculation but just tried this on 18.3 and didn’t have a problem with my calc field set to Currency.  The column put the SUM on it for me automatically – 18.0.6 shouldn’t be any different.
This should happen with any kind of number/integer fields so I don’t know what would be special about this one for you.
From an end user point of view, I don’t know what you’d be able to do otherwise to make the field act differently.
There is an outstanding Feature Request for SmartView so that the Footer “aggregate” fields are to be saved with the Favorite but that hasn’t been implemented yet.

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