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Null Dates

Charles asked 1 year ago
Is it possible to display null dates (1/1/1900) as blank? 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 1 year ago

Just tested this on my GP 18.3 install with SmartView 18.3 running the default Sales Transaction report in SmartView.

I added the Order Date to my report and so for my Orders there WAS a date.  But for the other SOP Types – the field was blank.

So mine seems to be working as what you are looking for.

The only other thing I can think of if you are “newer” version of SV is that if the report is a SLB created report, you have to find the date field in SLB, go to the Set Field Options and mark the checkbox for “Display 1/1/1900 as blank” for SV to blank out the date.


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