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Not-null property references a null or transient value

kreed asked 10 years ago
I'm using a salesforce realtime datasource that is listening for account creates and updates. I have the fields mapped out the way I want and I can see the triggers created in salesforce. When I create or update an account in salesforce, I get an error in the event log that says:

not-null property references a null or transient value eOne.SmartConnect.Connectors.SalesForce.SalesForceRealTimeDataSourceLogMapStatus.RunError

I found a couple of articles in your KB that mention updating certain null values to empty string, but I'm guessing that won't work here because it seems like this is referring to a new log record that SmartConnect is attempting to create. In any case, I looked for null values in tables that seemed to be related, but didn't find any.

I'm on SmartConnect version

kreed replied 10 years ago

I ended up emailing support. Their response was that "there is a problem report with the SalesForce real time and change datasources.  Currently the only one that works from SalesForce is the bulk datasoure. It should be fixed in the next build of SmartConnect."

I've been told that the next version is expected sometime around Feb 2013.

That is too long for me to wait so I'm left looking for another solution. I'll post here when I have a resolution.

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