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Not installing Web Service

alicia asked 9 years ago
I am installing SmartConnect on a server where IIS is not installed. Therefore I will not be selecting the Web Service  to install, but I will be installing the Windows Service.

Is my understanding correct, in that by not having the web service, I don't get the GP real-time data source, the GP Smartlist data source, and the ability to push data from Excel using the Add-In?
By installing the Windows Service, I will be able to schedule maps?
If I want to use the web service in the future, will I be able to install it after the fact?
thanks in advance,
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

Yes, you can install the web service at a later time on your IIS server when you have that available.  You will also need eConnect on that machine as well.  You don't need the Smart Connect UI or GP components.


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