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Not able to see maps in Duplicate Map window

dipalbpatel asked 10 years ago

When I go to Smartconnect–>Duplicate Map–> I dont see any of my smartconnect maps in this window. Till now, It was fine. But suddenly from now, I am not able to see any of my maps in that window.

When i go to smartconnect –> Map. I can see all of my smartconnect maps.

What can be the issue behind this?

Best Answer
molsen answered 10 years ago
Have you changed security recently?  If you do not have security to edit the map then it will not be available in the duplicate window?  Remember security is connected to you AD user.

dipalbpatel replied 10 years ago


I haven't changed security. And also, I have permission to edit or delete the map. I also tried loggging as SA user, and still there was an issue.


Moreen replied 10 years ago

Was a solution ever found for this?  I'm also having the same issue.

dipalbpatel replied 10 years ago

I didnt find the solution yet…Still waiting..

Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

If this is still an issue for you I would recommend working with as they should be able to troubleshoot it with you. This is most likely something specific to that install or environment as it isn't something we have run into on other systems before.


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