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Not able to find setup routine

HFLo asked 10 years ago
after running ExtenderEnterprise11.msi, in GP, I was not able to find setup routine.
when following the step to add shortcut, under extender, there is no 3rd party, only project and system.

am I missing something?

BTW, I am on GP2010, with (GP) Extender installed.

David replied 10 years ago


You need to delete the EXTUD.DIC file in the local GP directory and reinstall the eOne version.  Our eXtender installation will not overwrite the Microsoft dictionary.  If you delete the dictionary first before doing the installation, it will work. 


HFLo replied 10 years ago

Hi, David:
yes, manage to install / register.

I create a form, but when I try to add a extender menu to cards for the new extender form,
when save, error:
a remove range_operation on table
PT_Extender_Palette_Forms failed accessing SQL data

more info gives:
number of results columns doesn't match table definition.

pls advice.

Troy Minor replied 10 years ago

Same issue…is there a solution?

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