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Not able to add a restriction on a specific field.

Maria asked 7 years ago
Hi There,
I created a new Smartlist using the PM Vendor Master Period Summary table (PM00202).
I would like to include a restriction on the HISTTYPE field (otherwise the data doubles up) but SmartList Builder won’t let me set a value for this field.
I can add restrictions for other fields.
If I create the same query in SQL I can filter on the field.
Thank you for your input.
We’re using GP2015 R2
Jared Dux Staff answered 7 years ago
Some drop down fields are not defined by the dictionary and this is what you are running into here with this table.  In Excel Report Builder you will need to define the History Type values and then you will be able to select the value in the Add Restriction window.  To do this you will need to highlight History Type (Display Name column) in the list of fields in Excel Report Builder and then click the blue arrow for the History Type field options.  In the Set Field Options window you can define the values (0 – Calendar, 1- Fiscal) which will then be available for you to select in the restriction.
Maria replied 7 years ago

Thank you very much Jared.
That did the trick.

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