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Non-GP Security

Tim asked 8 years ago
NON-GP database has table, which is referenced by company DB view. (View selects from table where CompanyId = db_name(), which makes data accessible using a filter from each company).
SA has created Smartlist views, data fine.  Security Task created, task assigned to role, users assigned to role.
Users can see SmartList entry, but get cannot access data in NON-GP database. (Security permission error on NON-GP table)
So, User added to NON-GP database, granted rights: no joy
User (i.e., domain user) added to domain group, domain group granted rights, no joy
NON-GP table granted to [guest] account in SQL, and given connection rights to non-GP database, no joy
Fun with SmartList security, no joy at all!
Any suggestions?
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 8 years ago
When you create a SmartList using SmartList Builder and SQL Tables/Views, you have to make sure that the user has access to the “View SmartLists with SQL Tables”.  This can be found in the GP Security Tasks window under the product of SmartList Builder, the type of SmartList Builder Permissions, and the series of SmartList Builder.
After that, the users GP login will need select permissions to the Tables/Views that you have added.  The easiest way to do this is to put the Table/View into the DynGRP in SQL.
Hope that helps.

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